Labour downfall

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While the Labour Party contributed to its own downfall, the SNP, by relentlessly pushing the prospect of a Labour/SNP coalition, wiped out any lingering chance of a reasonable performance by Labour south of the 

If you were an English or Welsh voter would you vote in a way which could well result in a party, the core objective of which was the dismantling of your country, having a part to play in its governance; a party which you had no opportunity to vote for or against?

Was the destruction of the 
Labour Party in Scotland and the fatal weakening of it elsewhere in the UK SNP strategy all 
along? In other words, was its intention to secure a Conservative victory with the purpose of ensuring eventual separation?

I believe it was, being unable to accept that the SNP made such a gross miscalculation. If this was indeed the strategy then the SNP has ruthlessly sacrificed the disadvantaged on the altar of £12 billion welfare cuts.

By the time this Conservative government has run its course will an NHS worthy of the name and a welfare state remain in existence south or north (see Barnett Formula) of the Border?

The Labour Party may well have been disastrously incompetent but did SNP voters push it down the last few fateful steps, leaving no hope whatsoever for the impoverished?

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive