Just the ticket

Alastair Maxwell-Irving (Letters, 17 August) criticises Lothian Buses for having their drivers sell tickets, which he says slows the vehicles down. Lothian Buses is a well-run firm, and my bet is they have thought this through.

Accepting cash is part of 
providing a good service. Cash is easier to obtain and more universal than bus tickets. It suits those of us who use the buses only occasionally – residents and visitors alike.

He talks of groups of tourists not being able to board because they lack the right money. Can this be true? Not everyone in a group is required to have £1.50 in change.

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For a party of ten, for example, Lothian Buses say one can pay the driver £15 and ask for ten tickets.

He asks if Edinburgh wants tourists. This Edinburgher does not; he prefers visitors. Tourists think they are visiting a tartan Disneyland.

Visitors are more thoughtful, know this is a working city, and arm themselves with change. They are grateful not to have to guess how many tickets they need and find somewhere to buy them.

George Byron

Comely Bank Avenue