Just like Greece

Nicola Sturgeon likes to stand on the moral high ground, forgetting her role in the premature release of Scotland’s worst terrorist and her role in the Bill Walker spousal abuse affair.

Now according to Saint Sturgeon, the austerity programme is immoral. There is nothing moral about getting someone else to pay your bills whether that is the European Central Bank or the Bank of ­England or future generations of Scots.

The SNP/Yes campaign heralded Norway as the template for an independent Scotland, whereas Greece would have been a closer fit. Just as Greece decries the eurozone for all its woes and threatens to default, the SNP government blames England for all Scotland’s woes and threatened to default on Scotland’s share of the UK debt.

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Next I expect Nicola will seek reparations from England for Flodden, just as Greece recently sought reparations from Germany for the Second World War.

Economics is partly dependent on human emotions in order to create consumer confidence – emotions which are hampered by the self-serving shenanigans of Greece and Nicola, whose actions are putting the fragile shoots of economic growth at risk like a late frost in spring.

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street