Jolly insulting

Your article on the MSPs' business-class jolly (2 April), supposedly to talk about climate change, could have been mistaken for an April fool prank, had it appeared a day earlier.

Critics who have described the jaunt as "unnecessary" and showing "bad judgment" have been over-polite.

This is as clear a statement as we are ever likely to receive from elected politicians. The message is: "Do as I say, not as I do. I am better than you and deserve to fly business class. Your carbon footprint must be reduced, not mine. You must tighten your belt, but I will not. I do not respect what the people, who fund my very nice lifestyle, think of my behaviour. I am an MSP and I don't care how much it costs, because the taxpayer is picking up the tab."

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The argument that they also believe us all to be stupid is a compelling one. The group is cross-party and includes Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson. What an example to the nation.


Mayne Road