John Gibson: Now it's the final chapter for old Kay's

A PAGE-MOURNER. Kay's the bookshop on Morningside Road is closing today. There are locals who'll miss it loads. Donald Grant, its keeper these past 13 years, is making it a closed book, with his 65th due in August.

"Kay's is well known, and regarded with a certain affection I hope, by most Morningsiders. They liked the idea of their own couthy wee bookshop," says Donald.

"It functioned as a stationers and printers at the start of the 1900s before it became a bookshop as such. Latterly we've had to compete with the internet and big operators like Amazon and Waterstones.

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"There are, fortunately, still people around who like the feel of a book, the printed word, in their hands."

Donald should know. He formerly worked for the Evening News in circulation and publicity. What now? "I've no idea."

Fit to drop

MIND your step. You'll be aware that this is Walk Edinburgh Week, with the City Fathers and Mothers urging the populace to get healthy, be groupies and walk on recommended routes.

All ages can register. Maybe the council's media person at 0131-529 4440 can help. Do dodge the dog poo. There's a lot of it about and I'm talking as a fitness freak.

Mother's boy

THINKING of his dear old departed mother. Jeffrey Archer has been writing about paying tribute to her spirit ten years after her death.

"I realise now, at 71, that however much I did for her, it was feeble and inadequate compared with what she did for me."

Well, Jeffrey . . . that's a cross many a son has to bear.

Afterwords . .

. . . Wacky Woody Allen pictured at the Cannes Filmfest and beginning to look spooky now, with words to match: "I have never considered myself as an artist. I have aspired to be one but I have never felt that I have the depth, substance or the gifts to be an artist. I do think I have some talent, yes. But I don't think it goes as far as being an artist." See you later, self-deprecator.