It must be a sign

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While driving round Scotland, which I do quite a bit, I am constantly amazed at the number of road signs which cannot be read because of trees or bushes in front of them.

This includes “no entry” signs, direction signs and speed restriction signs, even on motorways.

Some of these situations are fairly dangerous. Does anybody have a legal responsibility for ensuring that we are able to read signs, and, if so, who?

While I am on my soap box there appears to be no communication between roads departments and public utility contractors. The main street in my village was repaired earlier this year, re-surfacing included.

At the moment Scottish Water is digging it up again to “improve” our water supply. This is costing the public many thousands of pounds whereas a phone call would have cost a few pence.

Richard Lyon

Portcheek Terrace

Kirkmichael, South Ayrshire