Insulting link 
to Rosa Parks

WHAT Andrew Wilson had to say in praise of homosexuality and same sex marriage was a paean of platitudes with a very serious undercurrent and to link it to the selfless actions of Rosa Parks in Alabama was a grave insult and miscalculation (Insight, 24 November). What Mr Wilson has done by applauding the actions of Holy­rood in bringing same sex marriage ever closer is to utterly ignore the trumpeting of the elephant right behind him in the room.

Mr Wilson, along with the majority of those at Holyrood, is trying to justify aberrant sexuality and pretending it is normal and no amount of well intentioned hand wringing can do that. Sadly, one of the very best ways to destabilise and ultimately destroy a society is through undermining the very pillars that support it and marriage is one of the most important. If this is the future then it bodes ill indeed.

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Brian Allan, Alloa