Neil Barber (Letters, 20 July) is correct in his condemnation of Michael Gove’s plan to allow creationism into state schools in England.

Some people try to portray the teaching of creationism as something banal but ultimately harmless. It is far from harmless. The teaching of creationism is 
all about the indoctrination of children.

The best explanation of this phenomenon is given by American sociologist Susan Jacoby, who says that in the American Bible Belt the Southern Baptist Convention has identified the teaching of evolution as the biggest threat to biblical dogma, so it has put up what Jacoby describes as “a wall of ignorance” to insulate American children from anything which contradicts biblical literalism. This is also the explanation for the popularity in the American South of people like Sarah Palin. Gove’s move will stop children having the ability to think critically and will embolden the Tory right to sweep away the last 100 years of rights for the working class.

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Alan Hinnrichs

Gillespie Terrace