Indian heroes

I was pleased to see the review on Saturday of Fergal Keane's book, Road of Bones. However, it is a little unfair; without detracting from the Royal West Kent Regiment, Kohima and Imphal (the associated battle] were fought by the 161 Infantry Brigade 5th and 7th Infantry Divisions, 50 Indian Parachute Brigade, 1st Punjab Regiment Assam Regiment and some Nepalese troops.

Gen Slim led a "multinational army". That is the nearest your reviewer got to recognising the huge efforts of the Indian Army .

It is sad that in the first year of the First World War, two out of three "British soldiers" were Indian, and yet India gets no credit. In the Second World War, India made a massive contribution in Africa and Europe, again without real credit.

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Of course "India" then meant Pakistan and Bangladesh too. There is a connection between today's immigrants and these brave men who answered the call to arms.


Blacket Place