is not a priority

IT IS astonishing to read the views of those who wish to break up the UK on the “treachery’’ of 1707. The reaction of most in 2013 is to check the year in the calendar. This is such a well-worn and discredited shibboleth I would have thought even the most zealous of Nationalists would have left it well alone.

There is no doubt that 99.5 per cent of Scots in 1707 knew little and cared less what set of landed gentry ruled them rather than another and what they chose to call the place they lived. The people of Scotland were, I am certain, infinitely more concerned about feeding their bairns and having a roof over their heads.

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To ascribe political views to the vast majority then is nonsensical.

However, there is a parallel today. The latest opinion polls would indicate that, as in 1707, the vast majority today also do not share the wishes or passion of Nationalists and have infinitely more important matters in mind.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh