I'll see you at the Dunbar's end, Sandra

STILL part of the fitba' phraseology among senior regulars at Easter Road: "See you at the back of the goals . . . Dunbar's end!"

We're talking Hibs Famous Five days, when the lemonade people, Dunbar's, had their factory behind what's now the South Stand.

Much of the Dunbar space in Albion Road today is filled by WASPS Studios, a nest of workshops rented from Workshop and Artists Studios Provision Scotland. There's a waiting list for the similar WASPS centre at Patriothall in Stockbridge.

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Typical renter glad to find a practical place, however modest, where she can pursue her art is Sandra Murray. Jewellery in silver is her speciality, a semi-professional pursuit since she quit her librarian occupation at Edinburgh Uni's Old College and latterly at Moray House teacher training college.

Says Sandra, in her forties and resident in the New Town: "It took me a long time to discover I wasn't terribly bookish, I needed something relatively labour-intensive.

"A metal weaving course with master goldsmith Giovanni Corvaja in Todi, Italy, last year finally set me off. I'd sort of tinkered with the idea of jewellery for a living at Art College, the Edinburgh and Pentland Lapidary Society and evening classes at Gillespie's.

"I guess I was totally hooked when I took a piece of my work to the Assay Office in Broughton Street for the first time and had my own hallmark stamped on it."

Beats checking out books, for sure. But Ms Murray is still learning. She never knew that my first girlfriend was a fizzysist. She put the bubbles in the lemonade.

Watch tram fare

Let that be a warning to you. The final cost of the main Olympic stadium will be twice the original forecast (496 million against London's 280m bid), organisers have owned up.

Now wait and see how much Edinburgh's trams will actually cost you good folk. We'll expect the perpetrators to be named and shamed. Meantime, cancel your jaunts to the Maldives for a couple of years.

Last words . .

. . . Al Cohn: "A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordion and doesn't."