'˜If we fail to leave the EU this year it is likely that there will be no going back'

IF YOU care about Britain and the freedom you have to live as you choose you should read this letter before you vote in the referendum.

This is not being xenophobic: Europe is a great place but we did not vote for it in 1974. We voted to join a common market, not a political union. In the club we joined, however, we found that the rules could be changed without our agreement. The friendly and beneficial trading accord has morphed into a proxy parliament entirely due to the agenda of its political and economic elites.

It is certainly not democratic and in many ways is corrupt and they are prepared to push their agenda even without popular support. For example, take the Treaty of Lisbon: first it was in the EU constitution in 2005 which was rejected by the folk of France and the Netherlands. Did the EU respect their decision? No. Recycled it and passed it in 2009, shamefully supported by our government. As the president of the European Commission said in 2015 “There can be no democratic choice against European Treaties.”

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One of the ways will be to strip nations of their sovereignty. This is already happening. Take Greece, for example. The EU demanded they amend or roll back laws their parliament had passed. That the EU can reach into a sovereign state and demand that laws be changed should frighten us all. But that is how the modern EU was designed – to strip nations of their freedom and centralise power. Most people will not have read the Werner report, which was produced 46 years ago, which laid out in detail how to centralise power within the EU by systematically reducing the economic and political power of the sovereign nations. It was not just a common market the political elite had in mind but the ultimate creation of a European federal state, with a single currency. Chillingly, Werner said, “The transfer to the community of the powers hitherto held by national authorities will go hand in hand with the transfer of a corresponding parliamentary responsibilty from the national plane to that of the Community”

In other words – as far back as 1970 – it was clear the EU had to acquire political and economic power from individual countries.

If we fail to leave the EU this year it is likely that there will be no going back.

Britain should be free to determine its own future.

John A Dorward

Brechin Road, Arbroath