History in the dust

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As a history and archaeology student a lot of people ask me what use my degree is to society.

My friends tease me and say that I chose two completely useless subjects to specialise in. It’s a fairly valid argument as we spend our hours reading books, digging in the dirt, and romanticising over years past.

I, however, believe that history and archaeology are essential subjects to study. The barbaric destruction of the Temple of Palmyra by IS has destroyed the hallmark of an entire civilisation for the rest of time.

Even with future restoration it will never return to its former glory.

Luckily, the work of archaeologists like Khaled al-Asaad will allow us to remember the now lost temples.

All it really takes is one 
deranged group (or one man with a knowledge of explosives) to destroy the remnants of an ancient civilisation.

In order to solidify their power, certain groups will attempt to change the history of their region.

Due to this sad fact historians and archaeologists are necessary so that history can be preserved the best as possible even after people wrongfully try to 
rewrite it.

Conor Long