Health at a price

So, the next quick fix is another tablet. I am sick of my money being spent on irresponsible people: people who cannot control their actions whether they are drug addicts (methadone), tobacco addicts (nicotine replacement therapy), or now alcohol abusers (your report, 8 October).

These people should pay for their treatment either from private funds or from insurance.

I fully support an NHS that responds to unavoidable illnesses and injuries using our National Insurance contributions, but I cannot condone the treatment of those who take advantage of this safety net. Stop mollycoddling and make people face their responsibilities. Stop squandering our money.

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Politicians are the reasons for our NHS crisis: turn your attention from the supply of treatment to the demand for treatment – in other words, cut the demand for free treatment.

With freedom comes responsibility and with responsibility comes freedom, or so it should be. But the irresponsible are reaping the rewards for bad behaviour and this SNP government seems intent on eliminating ­individual responsibility and encouraging reliance on the state.

No amount of sugar can make this medicine taste better.

Douglas Capon

Newton Street