Green bin controversy

I MUST admit to having a vested interest in the green bin controversy. I have a larger than average house with a larger than average garden so, in spite of assiduous composting, I make good use of my green bin.

However, I think that it is right and proper for the cost of these things to fall more heavily on those most able to pay. So I do. My property is in Council Tax Band E ,whereas the type of property which does not have a garden is far more likely to be in Band A or B.

Hence I make a considerably larger contribution to the cost of council services than those in smaller properties. Should I have to pay twice?

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Nobody enjoys paying taxes but they are the way in which a civilised society pays for those goods and services which are better not left to the private sector.

At national level these would include the armed forces and the justice system. Sometimes this will seem unfair to those who do not directly benefit from a particular item of expenditure.

I am told that many of the residents of Cornwall feel somewhat vexed about the impending cost of the high-speed rail line from London to the North for which they can perceive little advantage to their region.

At a local level a fundamental service for which we pay council tax is the provision of public health. This includes drainage, sewerage, public toilets and the collection and disposal of rubbish.

Having one large vehicle collecting from each household in turn is efficient and far more environmentally friendly than having individual householders loading their rubbish into their cars and making multiple journeys to the tip.

It is infinitely more desirable than fly tipping or innumerable bonfires. It is a service which is ultimately of benefit to all.

Maynard and his acolytes are being disingenuous when they claim that this stealth tax is in the interest of fairness. It is nothing more than a cynical attempt to extract more money from the ‘squeezed middle’ whilst claiming to be keeping council tax down.

Rubbish collection, regardless of its type, is a core service for which they are elected. If they want to save money then they should draw a halt to the extravagant, bloated ‘legacy projects’ to which they seem so addicted.


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