Greek bail-out

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The passing of the drastic terms for the Greek bail-out indicates the limits of trying to pursue radical political change in an individual country at one time.

While the troika can easily be blamed, the sad fact is that the Left in Europe (Germany especially) has failed the test of being able to say to its respective governments that those terms cannot be imposed on Greece.

For example, the solidarity protests in Britain and Germany have been small, to say the 

The practical result for Scotland is that the SNP’s cautious and limited opposition to austerity will be seen as more sensible, shoring up its support for the 2016 elections (even if that damages support for independence) while the purchase of the radical left (the SSP and Scottish Left Project especially) will be blunted (especially on radical independence).

(Prof) Gregor Gall

Professor of Industrial

School of Management

University of Bradford