God only knows

Steuart Campbell (Letters, 6 March) is quite correct in stating that Albert Einstein’s equations required the universe either to be expanding or contracting.

However, there is no doubt that he altered his equations in order to take account of the Steady State theory.

Mr Campbell seems to have missed my point, which was that many atheists will buy into fanciful theories to avoid any theological implications which arise from recent scientific evidence.

Everyone now realises that the Steady State theory is in direct contradiction to the First Law of Thermodynamics, but the famous astronomer Arthur Eddington at the time described the new Big Bang theory as repugnant.

Many alternatives to the Big Bang theory have been proposed during the last few decades mainly due to the fact that a universe which has a beginning continues to pose problems for many.


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Finally I’m honoured to have my “ignorance” noted alongside GK Chesterton’s nonsensical claim. I assume that Mr Campbell’s scientific and theological qualifications are much better than ours.

David G McKenzie

Jones Street

Kingseat, Fife