Go slow on trams

I have little doubt that your editorial (27 May) on Councillor Frank Ross’s “no-brainer” belief that the tram system should be extended out to the Royal ­Infirmary will reflect the views of the vast majority of Edinburgh’s citizens.

The SNP, until now, had maintained a commendable distance from this hare-brained project, and, given voter anger, it would seem entirely possible that Mr Ross was elected partly as a result of this public backlash. This makes his enthusiasm for yet more punishment for the long-suffering people of Edinburgh quite incomprehensible.

Does the SNP group endorse this change of tack?

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Does Mr Ross appreciate the engineering and logistical implications of running a tram line up the Bridges and through 
Inch Park where, according to the original proposal, the trams would reduce their speed to 5-10mph?

Where is the money for this extravagance going to come from?

There is, perhaps, an arguable case for connecting Leith foreshore to York Place in the long run, should the present system turn out to be operationally viable, but to advocate tram works all the way to Little France at this stage is utter folly.

Perhaps Mr Ross’s electorate will provide him with the benefit of their considered views at the next local authority election.

He should reflect on the unfortunate tram-related fate of Councillor Jenny Dawe at Colinton, where her vote trailed behind that of the man in the penguin costume.

David Black

Giles Street