Gaza attacks

I refer to the report from Karin Laub about the attack on the UN seaside summer camp in Gaza (28 June).

Designed to draw youths and young children away from the alternatives offered by Hamas and other militant extremist groups, such camps are condemned by Hamas and its rivals for mixing boys and girls in the activites and for encouraging "corrupt" and "western-style" play.

This was actually the second such attack in just over a month but one had to look very hard in the western press for news of the first.

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As was reported too by Laub, militants and extremist groups have for some time been asserting social control which, in addition to clearing male hairdressers from women's salons, has included beating up gay men and youths, condoning the honour killing of girls and women, and using morality police to enforce the laws that they want adhered to. Not that the "flotilla" passengers and sailors of recent weeks will be much bothered about that. They continue to sail around, bereft of moral compass, still blind to the real intent of the groups in Gaza to whom they have thrown succour.


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