Fuel under feet

The £300 million blueprint to transform Ineos Grangemouth into a dynamic, profitable company has been published (your report, 4 December).

Shale gas from the US will transform this site. This is great news for the town, Ineos workers and subcontractors and Scotland as a whole. Other countries have realised they have a valuable source of energy beneath their feet in the form of shale gas.

Estonia meets all its power needs from shale. Lithuania is exploring for shale gas. Spain has decided to help companies exploring for shale gas under the Iberian Peninsula by giving them legal protection.

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The Dutch government has released a report finding that any environmental risks of fracking can be managed.

Countries are intent on reducing their dependence on volatile foreign energy suppliers. The potential shale gas basins in Europe are enormous. The EU Energy Commissioner says Europe should abandon expensive climate policy and develop shale gas. Fracking would cut energy bills and create tens of thousands of British jobs.

Alex Salmond has been very quiet on the issue of shale gas exploration. Why are we not exploiting this wealth beneath our Scottish feet for the benefit of Scotland and Grangemouth?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road