‘Free’ tuition costs

The Scottish Government still gloats over free university education as if there were no far-reaching effects. Scots college students, largely from deprived backgrounds striving for self- betterment, are at more and more disadvantage as funds are diverted away to bankroll “free” tuition.

Scotland’s colleges spread educational worth and social hope. Across Scotland, a host of courses have all but vanished, and now hundreds of thousands of young Scots face losing their best chance to brighten their prospects.

Colleges in Scotland are widely respected and universally recognised for cultivating some sharp talent. And yet, further education in which scores of Scots succeed has seen a cut of £78 million.

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Droves of English school-leavers are chasing every route into a Scottish university, hopeful of landing a top place. Edinburgh alone has offered 4,996 applicants a slot. Those in power must stop using populist policies and platitudes to advance their own cause.

Gordon Barlow

Timmons Park Lochgelly