Free speech for all

I WAS delighted to read Colin MacFarlane of Stonewall Scotland affirming his support for freedom of religion and speech (Letters, 14 September).

But the main concern is not that ministers will be forced to conduct same-sex “weddings” (though a legal challenge is underway in England already).Therefore, could I ask Mr MacFarlane to clarify that Stonewall will support florists, photographers, bakers and hoteliers who decline involvement in same-sex “marriages”?

Does he support the right of parents to decide how and when the issue of homosexuality should be broached with their young children? Can he 
affirm that Stonewall accepts the right of individuals and organisations to criticise Stonewall and its aggressive poster campaigns and self-righteous and offensive “Bigot of the Year Award”?

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Will Stonewall refrain from labeling those who regard 
homosexual sex as immoral “homophobic”? Does he respect the right to express disapproval of homosexual relationships, in appropriate contexts, without risk to one’s employment?

Though I object to financing it through my taxes, I fully accept Stonewall’s right to pursue its agenda and express its views freely in our diverse, open society.

Richard Lucas


Colinton, Edinburgh