Foreign Queen would be out of place in Scotland

WHAT if the Queen said “No, thank you” (Republican plot to ditch the Queen, News, 22 June)?

As I understand it, the draft Scottish constitution document declares that the head of state of an independent Scotland will be Queen Elizabeth II, followed by her descendants. I would expect the Queen to point out that it would be inappropriate for her, as a foreigner, to occupy such a position. Comparisons with Canada, New Zealand and Australia are false.

Acceptance of the title “Elizabeth II” is itself invalid in reference to Scotland as an independent country, which has never had a first queen of that name, although the precedent set at the actual joining of the crowns in 1603 might suggest the title “Elizabeth 1st and 2nd” – but of what country?

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I firmly support Scottish independence, but it must be an absolute state, with no ties to UK monarchy, currency or any other element in its constitution: the very word itself means relying on our own efforts, and to promote it on any grounds other than self-sufficiency is dishonest.

Robert Dow, Tranent