Football choice

So, that well kent "internationalist" Gavin Fleming is weary of debating which team a real Scot should support in the looming World Cup (Letters, 1 April).

Millions of the rest of us are bone weary of anyone who supports any team in this infantile game: their petty prejudices have been pandered to for far too long.

According to the TV news platforms, the world stopped spinning yesterday because an Englishman sprained his ankle.

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While tribalism and sectarianism are alive and well, and actively promoted through professional football (and they are), no true internationalist cause can prosper, so maybe Gavin should think twice before declaring his allegiance.

I hate to play the "good old days" card, but I do regret the passing of the 1950s: we were protected from the effects of the intellect-free football contests between May and September and spent summer Saturdays instead before the pavilion, beer in hand, listening to a mature song of leather on willow. We didn't even mind when the Aussies won. Ah, now that was internationalism for you.

I know that responding socceroos may claim that cricket was never Scotland's game, but, if the results are anything to go by, is football?


Calton Road


I would have thought that in a free country a native of said country can support or not support whatever team he or she likes. When it becomes obligatory to justify your choice, let alone have to declare your choice, isn't this just a little bit of a liberty – or lack of liberty?


Forman Drive