Fools' gold

I read the 1 April edition paying close attention to every article. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that there were not one but two candidates for the traditional spoof item.

After some consideration I realised that the William Wallaceairport item lost out in terms of sheer (in)credibility to the revelation that the sunbed socialist, the indefatigable Tommy Sheridan, was once again attempting to get back into frontline politics.

How I chuckled. Well done to the staff member who thought that one up. Meanwhile let's press ahead with the new airport, an eminently sensible idea.


Keith Street


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Congratulations on the April fool story of the year. But are you prepared for the rash of e-mails from humourless cyber-nats welcoming a Wallace International Airport near Stirling, and then, when the sting is finally realised, another rash from the same source saying that it was yet another unionist conspiracy?


Maggie Woods Loan


The new William Wallace airport will certainly be an attraction when the giant Airbus tips its wings over Bannockburn and narrowly misses the Wallace Monument.

This will most certainly be up and running before next 1 April. Maybe TIE could consider another tram line running from the new terminal to the city centre. A definite boost to tourism.


Belmont Gardens