Flying the coop

While London (+8.9 per cent) and the rest of the UK, even Wales and Northern Ireland, may be anxious about rapid property price rises (+1.3 per cent to + 5.0 per cent) and another “housing bubble”, the current economic uncertainty and blight being caused by even the most remote risk of a Yes vote in September 2014 means that Scotland can relax – we are already unique, with a fall in house values (-0.7 per cent) over the same period.

Unfortunately, the vague, uncosted, and wishful “on-the-hoof” fiscal and social policies of the SNP only guarantee that such a decline in home valuations and sales will accelerate in the months ahead.

I dread to think what an actual Yes decision would do to house prices, and every other economic indicator, in the SNP’s “cloud-cuckoo-land” in the years ahead. It may be time to join the swallows and fly south before the nationalist winter arrives “North of the Wall”.

(Dr) Michael Wilson

Craigmyle Park

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Clovenfords, Galashiels