Flushed out

You report (11 January) that legislation requires anyone under the age of 16 anywhere on licensed premises must be accompanied to the toilet by an adult. This presumably goes beyond public houses and restaurants to include premises such as golf and rugby clubs, where it is not uncommon for the men's toilet to be within the locker-room area or in the changing/shower room.

If I take my teenage grand-daughter to my golf club, perhaps with one or two of her friends, I will need to accompany them through an area where males of many ages in various states of undress are the rule rather the exception. It is unlikely this would be an attractive proposition for the golfers or the young ladies; the rugby club situation may, of course, be different.

You quote representatives of a council and a parent/child organisation suggesting parents should exercise their discretion, but, as other reports in your columns regularly demonstrate, many people in authority do not recognise "discretion" nor, often, common sense, when it comes to enforcing the law.


Woodrow Road