Fiscal autonomy

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This week we published our latest report which outlines the immense potential benefits of fiscal autonomy to the Scottish economy.

Fiscal autonomy, coupled with a comprehensive new economic strategy targeted to Scottish needs, could almost double the size of the Scottish economy over 25 years, as well as increase Scotland’s public finances.

This could propel it to become one of the top five wealthiest countries in the world.

Opinion polls consistently demonstrate overwhelming support in Scotland for fiscal autonomy and with collaboration between the public and private sectors we can transform Scotland’s economic position.

What our report outlines is a range of transformational measures which, if implemented, supported by fiscal autonomy and full control of the economic levers, could drive Scotland to become one of the most advanced economies in the world.

This includes measures to boost productivity and address inequality, including a new export strategy; investment in infrastructure; investment in innovation and looking to deliver a simpler taxation system.

And, with the right political will, devolving fiscal powers from Westminster to Holyrood could be undertaken in as little as four years. There is considerable scope and opportunity to increase growth in the Scottish economy with an economic strategy that is based on Scottish needs and opportunities and we need to recognise fiscal 
autonomy as an opportunity not a threat.

Dan Macdonald


George Street