Fatcat bankers

Sir Philip Hampton, chairman of RBS, has admitted that "bankers' pay is astonishingly high" and recognises the huge gap between their earnings and those of the average man and woman, but he intends to go on paying grossly inflated salaries to his employees because, he insists, otherwise they'd take their talents elsewhere.

Gordon Brown said the same sort of thing on the last TV debate.

In fact, not one of the leaders tackled the issue of bankers' pay and they all dodged a question about when they'd listen to public opinion and start behaving like our employees instead of political masters.

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Members of the public want to know when politicians will stand up to bankers. If we are dealing with an international cartel then let's be the first to break it, because if we do, every country held to ransom by them will heave a sigh of relief and follow our lead.


Glasgow Road


The chairman of RBS has suggested that some employees are paid too much, but that if they don't get this level of pay they leave quickly. Let them.

In their place bring in a new generation of real talent with a different set of ethics. Let all the old talent drift to organisations that are still willing to pay excessive bonuses.


Liberton Drive