Fat cat diet

Thank you to Bill Jamieson (Opinion, 2 April) for putting into words what many must feel.

It is hard to counter those who claim that capitalism has failed when we are surrounded by greedy fat cats. The old boys' club that runs our businesses and our public institutions is a closed shop where few dare, or, more likely, wish to rock the boat.

Who do these people think they are? Are they saying that no-one else is able to fill the positions they hold? Their self-righteousness knows no limitations.

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A job is a job that one takes on for a set remuneration and, if things go well, there may be a bonus for those who work well in that institution.

Those at the top do not get if those below do not. Those at the top depend on those at the bottom to carry out the tasks they are allocated.

Time is approaching when all should withhold their labour and leave the board to run the business on its own – then we would see who is more essential to the wellbeing of the enterprise.

I am a great believer in capitalism but the fat cats are not risking anything themselves – they are doing a job the same as the rest of us and should treat themselves likewise. They should be fired when they fail and paid for doing their allotted task when they carry it out – no more.


Eden Lane