Falkirk spend

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As one who lives in Falkirk, I was very interested in the Accounts Commission recommendations that Falkirk Council “must do better”.

The commission’s report includes recommendations that savings of £46 million must be made over the next three years – a monumental goal to 

And the story over the past few years under the Labour/Conservative coalition at Falkirk has seen the council make some savings at the expense for our vulnerable citizens who are now being charged for or have experienced increased costs to public services on which they depend on a daily basis.

Yet, while imposing charges, or increasing charges for vital, sometimes lifesaving, services, our council has just approved a spend of a whopping £21 million!

The chairman of the Accounts Commission reported that a more ambitious financial plan of spending, which clearly sets out its priorities, needs to be put in place.

I wonder if a £21m spend on a new council headquarters can be seen as priority spending, and was this spend in mind by the Accounts Commission when it recommended prioritising spending?

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drove

Banknock, Falkirk