Evening News Caption Competition - Wednesday 02 September, 2009

What's Phil Jupitus reflecting on?

Enter our caption competition at edinburghnews.com and tell us what you think.

We'll be featuring a selection of our favourite suggestions for today's picture in tomorrow's paper. At the end of the week, we'll also choose our favourite of the daily winners to receive a case of 24 bottles of Corona lager.

Yesterday's winner

"Oi Kemp! You've let yourself go since Spandau Ballet."


And the runners-up are..

"Really! I'm bald?"

Mince Pie Supper

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"Ross proves he can do this acting lark with one hand tied behind his back."


"Ross' audition for Strictly Come Dancing doesn't go well."

digestive biscuits returns

'". . . and after a couple of years' practise I finally mastered one-armed air guitar.'"

roland martin

"I've had a few close shaves in Afghanistan and Liverpool but the worst was at my local barbers."

Francis Murphy

This competition is open to readers aged 18 years and over. The weekly winner will be chosen by our judging panel. The editor's decision is final. Usual Evening News rules apply. Weekly winners must be free to collect their prize from the Evening News office. There is no cash/voucher equivalent prize.