An Evel stunt?

Is Nicola Sturgeon’s threat to declare a second referendum over English votes for English Laws (Evel) the “significant change in circumstances” she refers to that would trigger a­ ­second vote?

Or is it just another of her weekly stunts, including threatening to take the UK Government to court over wind farm subsidies, demanding (but not actually wanting) Full ­Fiscal ­Autonomy and supporting Greece’s demands for more bail-outs, gestures more intended to keep her supporters in a constant state of outrage than effectively run Scotland?

For many years SNP MPs did not vote on English-only issues – a kind of “SVSL” – until, sniffing an opportunity to control a weak Labour coalition, they ditched this voluntary practice and actually scared England into electing an overall Conservative majority.

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The SNP’s posturing is making the rest of us look like fools and holding back the country from any bold thinking and initiatives on what to do with our increased “Smith” powers.

Meanwhile, the Tories are using their overall majority election “present” from the SNP with alacrity to get sensible about wind and energy, announcing their “Regional Powerhouse” iniative in the budget this week, delivering the Smith powers, overhauling the UK economy – and sidelining the SNP.

Allan Sutherland

Willow Row