Energy storage

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As usual, Professor Jack Ponton (Letters, 8 July) cuts through all the smoke and mirrors erected by the renewables industries to give the facts.

He points out the absurdity of the regular and monotonous claims from the wind industry that at certain times they providing enough electricity to power umpteen million homes.

Until there is a research breakthrough in battery storage, wind-generated electricity will continue to be an expensive failed science which only benefits the developers and land owners.

I am reminded of a former MSP who berated me on my anti-wind stance, stating that the wind produced at night was more than required during the day and was not wasted but stored in batteries.

I asked her where this scientific breakthrough was located. Silence.

I suspect that many of our present politicians are equally ignorant and are unaware of the risks that renewables pose to our energy security, especially with their anti-fossil fuels fixation.

Do they appreciate that Longannet is due to close soon, followed by nuclear?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road