End of the line

Alastair Dalton’s article (22 February) stated that the budget costs for the Borders Railway are estimated today between £235 million and £295m.

Perhaps this would be better termed as a “guesstimate”. The time scale for completion is once again a guesstimate.

So far I have not seen a proposal for ticket costs, but one can only surmise it will be upwards and certainly more costly than by bus.

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We pensioners at present can access the centre of Edinburgh from the Borders without paying a fare. Will this be the same for the train? Then there will be the cost of parking at Tweedbank. What are the guesstimated costs for that?

The line is only to go as far as Newcraighall. Will travellers be subject to purchasing two tickets to continue the journey into Edinburgh Waverley to keep costs down?

Borderers have never had the opportunity to vote on the railway. Scottish Borders Council has cut services to vulnerable people with learning difficulties. Not all councils are doing this.

Other services in the Borders are being cut back for pensioners requiring help in their own homes. Is this to give us a railway that we do not need or want?

We understand that £60m has been spent to date. Not much can be seen for this massive outlay. Surely we must stop this folly now.

A M Maude Brownlie



If transport minister Keith Brown is really serious about saving money on railway services (your report, 24 February) he could do worse than cancel the Borders railway line.

He hasn’t shown any inclination so far, but this review would at least let him do it without apparently losing face. On the other hand, however, the Scottish Government seems hell-bent on persevering with it so I don’t suppose it will.

One thing that has puzzled me since the decision to lay the track was even considered is that there is a tunnel between Galashiels and Stow at Bowshank.

Given the length of time that has elapsed since the line was closed I would be interested in learning its present condition and the cost of carrying out any remedial works which I think are more than likely to be required.

David W Elder

Longstone Avenue

East Linton