Ed in Clydebank

Clydebank has seen many visits by royalty and dignitaries including past prime ministers.

It is a town full of proud manufacturing and shipbuilding tradition and history, including political history that has led the world, and has also included the famous UCS sit-in. However, it is this week’s visitor to Clydebank that has once again put the town on the map.

What was interesting was why UK Labour leader Ed Miliband decided to visit.

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Why was Clydebank chosen as his Scottish destination to deliver an election “bluster and bluff” attack on the SNP?

Was it an attempt by Labour to re-kindle the proud working-class roots on which Clydebank was built?

What did he have to offer Clydebank and Scotland? An end to Tory austerity cuts!

It sounds promising until one checks the voting records of Scottish Labour MPs including Clydebank’s very own Gemma Doyle MP, who in January voted with 27 of her Scottish Labour MP colleagues to impose further Tory austerity cuts.

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive