Economic blow

In their related articles (2 June) Allan Massie and John Sturrock pointed out an essential truth, that regardless of personal preference we need the coalition government to succeed.

Few of us truly understand the gravity of the present economic situation and we need every effort and skill available to avoid the worst-possible consequences.

I have always believed that it is the media's role to report and comment on the news, not to try and create it. The Daily Telegraph has been grossly irresponsible in "outing" David Laws as part of their reporting of this item. Mr Laws' sexuality should be no concern of ours. We need the skills and talents of people such as Mr Laws to guide us through the present predicament.

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I have considerable sympathy for David Laws loss of personal privacy and I have even greater concern for the economic damage done to the electorate.



Bo'ness, West Lothian

Yesterday in Glasgow a woman was sentenced to eight months in prison for defrauding NHS Scotland of 40,000, obtained through false timesheet claims. The amount of public money misused is the same as the amount, also wrongfully obtained, by former Treasury minister David Laws. Can anyone explain why multi-millionaire Mr Laws receives glowing tributes in response to his misuse of public funds while a working-class woman in Glasgow receives a prison sentence?


Broughton Road