Duty to public

We are told devolved government, within the UK, is “the settled will of the Scottish people”. However, I still hear Holyrood politicos persistently blame Westminster for all their ills even when they ­relate to devolved matters – not a good omen.

To resolve this “power without responsibility” issue, perhaps all Holyrood parties should set out which of their policies, if any, they will ­accept responsibility for before ­future elections? Then the electorate can make informed choices.

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Scotland is to lead the way in the search for new forms of UK devolution. This will not be easy whilst politicos persist in pressing for independence as if there had been no referendum and whilst others continue to take their traditional supporters for granted. Given the grotesque over-spend on the controversial Holyrood building and its ever-escalating running costs, devolution’s credibility is now the issue. Come on Holyrood, surprise us, this could be your finest hour.

John Macintyre