Does Westminster really need to be thinking of banning Trump from the UK?

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MONDAY afternoon’s Westminster parliamentary debate on the “Block Donald J Trump” petition was, like the petition itself (and despite a few good speeches), an utter embarrassment, much of it consisting of a rehash of months of unjustified attacks upon the Republican frontrunner for the presidency.

Mr Trump is not, for example, anti-Muslim or aiming to ban all Muslims from America. Instead, he proposed a moratorium on Muslim immigration until vetting procedures could be improved to weed out Islamist terrorists from among Muslims entering the US.

Mr Trump is not, in any sense, racist towards Mexicans. Instead, he wants to stop Mexican criminals illegally entering the US and so has proposed a wall along the southern border to keep them out.

And Mr Trump did not try to blackmail Scotland. He 
simply stated that he would not continue to invest in a country whose MPs decided to ban him from setting foot there.

British (and especially Scottish) leftists have disgraced themselves by tirelessly repeating the misrepresentations cited above. The mainstream media should be more proactive in exposing them.

Keith Gilmour

Netherton Gate, Glasgow

The correct approach is not to ban Donald Trump, but to boycott his courses. Money is the only language he understands.

Colin McAllister

South St, St Andrews

Instead of copying Donald Trump’s policy of exclusion, Members of Parliament might turn their attention to the loss of freedoms that Islam has already brought to this country. Restrictions on travel including lengthy increased airport security and limits on choices of holiday destinations, intrusive national surveillance, publishing restrictions, disproportionate media exposure of Islamic issues, new curtailing of freedom of speech and association in our universities, practising shariah alongside the judicial system, educational apartheid in extra curricular madrassas and limiting of Christian proclamation in schools, politics and culture.

Rev Dr Robert Anderson

MacDonald Gardens, Blackburn