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Walking from Edinburgh’s Atholl Place towards Shandwick Place takes you through Coates and Atholl Crescent “Gardens”. Since they were reinstated, following the tram works, they now qualify for a space in Banksy’s new Dismaland project.

The borders running the length of the main road have been badly planted and now look totally neglected.

An attempt appears to have been made to plant the borders with sectional planting, but the only plant that appears to be succeeding is a type of grass, in clumps of what look like mini Dougals from The Magic Roundabout.

Other plants have not succeeded and are failing miserably, or there was nothing there in the first place.

The result is that the borders now comprise mainly bark chippings, the under-lining, and great big weeds.

Whoever did this planting has done a poor job, and whoever is supposed to be maintaining it, isn’t.

Plenty of benches have been supplied on which to sit and admire this dismal scene. And, as no litter bins have been provided next to the benches, you can admire the rubbish as well.

These two small gardens used to be lovely and were pleasant spaces for people to use.

Now, they are just an embarrassment, when compared with other cities that take pride in their green spaces. Who is responsible for these gardens?

Kathryn Sharp

Blinkbonny Road