Dinnie ken how

How far one's imagination can stretch never fails to amaze me. A number of years ago while sitting in Potarch Hotel, I had the pleasure of overhearing a stranger swear that Imlach Shearer had carried the famous Dinnie stones across Potarch bridge.

I drew attention to his remark but was firmly told that he had witnessed the event with his own eyes. I said no more, sparing him embarrassment.

Brian Chambers (your report, 18 June, "Teenage prankster gets a huge weight off his mind 40 years on") over-exercises his imagination in claiming as an inebriated teenager he had carried the Dinnie stones, lifted them onto the wall of Potarch bridge and into the boot of an Austin A30.

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For one who has lifted both these stones together, weighing approximately 775 lbs, I know how difficult it would be to carry them across the bridge at Potarch, far less lift them onto a wall and into the boot of a small car while under the influence of alcohol.


Carslogie Road