Dignified stance

I am chairperson of the C-Diff Justice Group which campaigned so vigorously for the public inquiry into the outbreak at the Vale of Leven Hospital which resulted in the deaths of 18 people.

As you reported (8 June) the long-awaited inquiry chaired by Lord McLean got under way on Monday. I wish to take this opportunity to point out that the individual who disrupted the proceedings has no connection whatsoever with the families group at the Vale of Leven Hospital, and that we disassociate ourselves totally from such unacceptable behaviour.

Our group has been singled out for praise from media and politicians for the dignified way in which we have conducted our campaign to reach this milestone in seeking answers to why our loved ones died.

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It goes without saying that our sympathies go out to all other individuals who have suffered what we have suffered, and we believe and hope that only way we will gain the answers that we and all other victims and relatives seek is through the inquiry that we have fought so long and hard to achieve.


Woodyard Road