Devolution test

With all due respect to Michael Kelly for his views (Opinion, 20 April), surely the point isn't what politicians think of devolution. The only voice that matters is the voice of the people of Scotland.

There's no doubt devolution has been a rip-roaring financial success for politicians, civil servants, Spanish architects and builders, and indeed everyone with a political snout, but the acid test is what it has done for the people.

Let's not forget, devolution was never the choice of the Scots. The Yes-Yes vote in favour of devolution was actually a minority of the electorate, those in favour being only 1.8 million out of a total of 3.7 million. It was the political cabal that pushed it through.

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Of course, we would overlook this quibble if Holyrood delivered what it promised: a stronger local voice and superior public services.

So are our medical services, schools and universities, police forces, social services, capital projects (eg trams) now so very superior to what is provided in the south?

And has our electorate really warmed to Holyrood with the only opinion polls that matter, electoral turnouts, exceeding our wildest expectations?


Paisley Drive