Devolution deal

First Minister Alex Salmond is totally within his rights to demand that Prime Minister David Cameron specifies prior to the independence referendum what his devolution deal would mean for Scotland, should the Scots vote No.

At present, what Cameron is suggesting is tantamount to going shopping and promising the shopkeepers to come back and “square up” later.

Let us not forget that the Unionist parties – Tory, Labour and Lib Dems – last year stated that this was a “two-way street” and that powers already devolved to Scotland at present would be returned to Westminster. I wonder what powers they had in mind.

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Could Scotland be forced to build new nuclear power stations that the Scottish people do not want?

Could some of the 19 Scottish sites already designated by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) as suitable for the dumping of dangerous nuclear waste be used not only by the UK but also the whole of Europe?

Could the MoD “reign supreme” over whatever the Scottish Parliament suggested?

Will “Trident” missiles be permitted to be carried throughout Scotland uninterrupted in the interest of UK defence purposes?

Sad to say that in the 21st century Scotland is being treated as a third world nation, without respect or influence.

Donald J Morrison

Haig Street

Portknockie, Buckie