Devil in the detail

Taxation and redistribution of income from the rich to the poor are desirable in principle (Mary Brown’s and Ellis Thorpe’s letters, 23 January) but the devil is in the detail.

Definitions of “rich” vary according to which stratum of society folk inhabit. Should assets other than income be taken into account (the “mansion tax” was rejected in London)?

How much money could be raised for redistribution to make much of an impact? Should pensions no longer be feather-bedded with the “triple lock”.

Should only the poorest, lowest-paid be favoured, or should those alleged (not actually many, perhaps) to live on benefits as a lifestyle be favoured too?

Slashing corporation tax and business rates and funding professional childcare costs yet more money, so in addition to income taxes personal taxes like VAT might be increased.

Then there are the few hundred who own 60 per cent of Scotland’s private land – is a huge levy per head fancied? Would it yield much?

We could always impose an 
export levy on whisky!

Joe Darby