A decision on extending hs2 high speed rail to SCOTLAND HAS YET TO BE MADE, SAYS UK GOVERNMENT

Scotland wouldn’t be paying
£4 billion to something that will have a detrimental impact on some of our cities if the NO voters hadn’t let us down.

- Canyonero

If Scotland were to be 
independent do you really think there would be any investment?

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- Fresh

They bloody well hadn’t
 better extend it to Scotland if the business case doesn’t support it and in any case 
Scotland goes independent before too long (fingers 
crossed). We’ve got to stop buying these blackmailing nationalists off. If the business case isn’t there then they 
don’t get it - unless, of 
course, they defray all costs themselves, but it looks like they’ve enough to pay for with Prestwick airport.

- Evolutionok

Look at the current
timescale. HS2 to Birmingham isn’t to be delivered for over a decade. The extensions to Manchester and Leeds by 2030. HS3 won’t appear until 2040. Any link to Scotland won’t be in place until 2050. As transport in Scotland is devolved, what about high speed rail between Edinburgh and Glasgow? 
That’s a 40-mile stretch and 
the SNP can show willingness to be involved in the high 
speed rail project by getting started now. What is stopping them?

- Philmus

Surprise surprise... But
we in Scotland will still be paying towards it. Westminster wanted us to not part from the UK, but this is showing that Westminster now wants to separate Scotland from the RUK.

- Flakey

Why would a Westminister Government be concerned about “transformative economic benefits” in Scotland, when 
the country is trying to 
extricate itself from the Union anyway?

- The Airman