Debating circus

So now, apparently, the results of the election will be partly, at least, determined by what a man said, he hoped, in the privacy of his car (your report, 29 April).

I have never been a Labour supporter, but I am appalled by the outcome of poor Gordon Brown's all-too-human outburst. I became increasingly bored by the endless comments on every news channel.

I don't think it would surprise the "media monster" to know that he is just a human being, as are other politicians and journalists.

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What really bothers me about all this is the revelation, beyond all doubt, that we live in a "knee-jerk" culture, where one unfortunate incident colours a huge section of public opinion. We go on about policies and track records being so important, but in the end cannot see past either an incident like this or a media-promoted series of circus-like debates, more geared to a presidential rather than a prime ministerial situation.


Queen Street