Damn the tram!

The lady in the bus queue is right, the trams are indeed a “damn waste of money” (Letters, 23 April).

The original proposals, the procurement and execution have all been typically incompetent, an example of how not to do it. We really shouldn’t be surprised that the testing has failed.

We have lived in Edinburgh for many years (one of us can even remember the original trams) and have met only one person who is in favour of the trams.

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Even she agreed that it was a badly conceived and executed project. We would also be in favour of stopping the whole nonsense now.

After all, we have one of the best bus services in Europe, including a wonderful service to and from the airport.

A poll of readers is a good idea and it would be interesting to see the result.

David and Tina 

Moray Place


I am led to believe that the gauge of the tram rails is the same as that for the national railway network. The tram system is seen as Edinburgh’s second folly and I suspect the Borders Railway is seen as another.

Would it not have been more sensible to integrate the two, such that a link from the Borders to Edinburgh and Glasgow city centres and both airports with the possibility of a future link to Prestwick would make for one successful transport network rather than separate failures?

Or do our transport planners no longer have the imagination or joined-up thinking for such a potentially popular and possibly more commercially viable scheme?

Geoffrey Alderson

Eskbank Road