Curse of Salmond

Heaven help the economy of the Isle of Man now that Alex ­Salmond has held it up as a currency model (your report, 16 July).

The one-time economist with the Royal Bank of Scotland heaped praise upon the economies of Iceland and Ireland, holding them up as examples of what an independent Scotland could be.

He lauded the takeover of ABN Amro by RBS as a coup for the Scottish bank. Sadly, all three went down the tubes in fairly short order thereafter. Good luck, Isle of Man.

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Donald Lewis


East Lothian

So, does it really matter what currency could be used once independence arrives?

When we go down the independence route, we will all be broke anyway. Only the lawyers and the politicians will get gold from making all the changes to the millions of things that we depend on for survival. Zero is the same in all currencies.

John Addison

Midlothian Innovation Centre

Roslin, Midlothian