Curious kale cure

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How heartening to read that the Scottish Government is sponsoring research at the Aberdeen Rowett Institute into health benefits of cruciferous vegetables, including kale (your report, 5 April).

Kale used to be one of the staple items of a Scottish diet, when meat was only rarely eaten by the vast majority, and yet in these years Scotland produced some of its most famous sons.

I was lucky enough as a child always to have a garden, and wherever we lived kale was grown, and frequently eaten.

It is a vegetable I have grown myself as an adult whenever I could, so was fascinated some years ago to come across an internet site extolling the health benefits of this humble vegetable.

It was written by a leading dietician on diet after cancer. She said kale is one of the best foods you can eat to optimise chances of good health at any time, and especially for those who have endured cancer treatments.

Caroline McManus

Newmills Road